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Have you heard of Hallein - It’s a truly multifaceted town!

As Mayor, I'd like to welcome you to our city and invite you to come on a brief virtual tour!

Hallein, with approximately 20,000 inhabitants, is ranked the second-largest town in the province of Salzburg. It is a distance of 15 km from the province's capital city, Salzburg. Hallein offers a multitude of opportunities: it's a city of schools and sports, a cultural hotspot, an industrial center and a tourist attraction.

Hallein provides comprehensive elementary and continuing educational options to children, teens and adults-from pre-school, kindergarten and day-care up to university education at the Schloss Rif and various adult education institutions. As the capital of the district of Hallein, it serves as a central regional authority for education and schooling, managing approximately 6,000 pupils.

Hallein also provides a performance venue for the Salzburg Festival. An old industrial building on the Pernerinsel that was used for salt processing up to 1989 now serves as a stage for grand festival productions. Other internationally renowned cultural attractions such as the Celtic Museum of Hallein, the Salt Mine at Dürrnberg, and the Silent Night Museum are well worth a trip. Events such as the Stadtfestwochen (Festival Weeks), the Italienische Tage (Italian Days) and numerous concerts bring life to Hallein's historic district year-round.

Hallein is home to many businesses offering diverse options for rewarding employment.

You can learn all about the "white gold" at the Salt Mine of Bad Dürrnberg, a fun and informative destination for kids and grown-ups alike. Visitors can take a ride on the mine train into the mountain, and even explore a subterranean salt lake on a lower level by way of fun slides.

The Celtic Museum is home to precious artifacts from the prehistoric period. Visitors can learn interesting details about the excavations of Celtic settlements and tombs at Dürrnberg, a region where settlements date back at least to 600 B.C.E.

The "Silent Night Museum" educates visitors about the life and works of the composer of the famous carol Silent Night! Holy Night!, Franz Xaver Gruber, and is located in his former residence.

Visitors to our city are also provided with an open-air pool, a cinema, and Salzburg's longest summer tobogganing track, named "Keltenblitz" at Dürrnberg.

Sports enthusiasts will find plenty to do in Hallein. Many citizens actively participate in unions and clubs, and annual sports events like the Salt Crystal Race offer a great challenge to participants of all ages year after year.

Biking fans are invited to take advantage of the Tauernradweg (Tauern Bike Trail), which runs along the banks of the Salzach river. Hallein takes special pride in the Universitäts- und Leistungssportzentrum Rif, the Competitive Sports Centre and Sports Campus at Rif, which is affiliated with Salzburg University.

Winter sports enthusiasts will also find an attractive skiing region at Dürrnberg, with great deals available for families and snowboarders.

Gerhard Anzengruber